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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Links of the Day

Most Expensive Game in History - One of 26 gold copies of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships sold for $17,500. The previous record $2500. The cartridges were given out to the winners and runners up of the Championship that traveled the country pitting players against each other in scores by playing Super Mario Bros, Rad Race and Tetris.

Google Announces OS - The company has announced they are releasing Google Chrome OS later this year that will be lightweight and open-source PC OS to compete with Microsoft. The OS is essentially designed as an extension of the Chrome web browser so by default it will become the OS with most applications running from the web rather than on the desktop. Considering Google's moves into cloud computing with various office programs and email, the move seems designed to accelerate the movement. The move sounds good but have to determine how you use your computer as most programs and hardware would not be supported. If you just a web surfer this could be a boom but if do more than that (music, movies, bittorrent, video games, etc) then this doesn't seem ideal.

MacGruber: The Movie? - Movie studios must seriously be scraping the bottom of the barrel when giving a choice of doing MacGyver The Movie or a silly SNL sketch that is based on it they choose the sketch that would supposedly star Ryan Phillippe and Val Kilmer. I am hoping this is just a bad joke.

Round of Sarah Palin Lies - From Andrew Sullivan is a long list of lies and exaggerations from the GOP's great savior. Most of them are actually rather petty and stupid in the "why bother to lie about this?" variety. The problem is that if this woman is willing to lie about stupid little things that are easily verifiable, what will she not lie about?

Sesame Street Slayer Sing-Along - Amusing smash up of Sesame Street with Slayer a hard rock band that essentially sounds like noise to me.

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