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Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego Comic Con Day 2

Second full day of the San Diego Comic Con brings more news from various movie and comic book projects. Let the link fest begin.

Chuck Season Three poster - Just thought the image was cool as it reflects the posters of the 80's such as the Cannonball Run films.
Tron Legacy Test Footage - Click the link for QuickTime video and download of test footage with a Light Cycle chase that looks very cool. It’s a realistic look that keeps the feel from the first movie that is pretty sweet to see.
Batman 3 Production Next Year - Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) let slip that production for Batman 3 could begin next year. Later he backtracked and said the sequel still might be 2-3 years away.
Jonah Hex poster - Click the link for teaser poster for the upcoming film based on the DC comics character. Megan Fox looks amazing but her waist is creepy tiny.
Kick-Ass Interviews - Video interview with writer, director, and actors from the upcoming movie Kick-Ass which is based on Mark Millar's comic mini-series.
Star Wars Panel - Star Wars in Concert live concert planned this fall. The London concert will serve as a blueprint for the events. Clone Wars: Republic Heroes video game that bridges seasons one and two of the Clone Wars cartoon series. New downloadable level for The Force Unleashed in the works set on Tatoonine and feature Jabba's palace and familiar characters. Another pack, called Ultimate Sith Edition will have a new Hoth level. Season One home video set for Clone Wars will be out in November. Season two begins sometime in the Fall and it will be darker story.
Avatar Footage - A detailed description of the 25 minutes of footage showing from the upcoming 3-D alien centric flick from James Cameron.
Stargate Universe Trailer - New trailer for the upcoming SyFy series that will air starting in October. It comes across as a more vicious version of the Stargate series as the plot is group trying to survive a trip across the universe and reach Earth.

Marvel Animation Panel - Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes joins Nicktoon this fall with 26 episodes starting October 2nd. Iron Man Armored Adventures doing well with Nicktoons rating record. Planet Hulk is the next planned direct to DVD film from Marvel.
Cup O' Joe Panel - Covers the Marvel Universe. Where DC mostly just drops useless hints (thus the lack of links to their panels) at future plans, Marvel uses these panels to start interest on various projects. Bob Gale will start writing Amazing Spider-Man online edition starting in November. New 7 issue Deathlok mini from Charlie Heston, also November. Red Hulk will be joined by Red She-Hulk soon. December 2009 brings World War Hulks and death of a major Hulk related character. The reboot of the Ultimate line starts in January. Dark Reign is expected to go through the end of the year. Marvelman rights now officially owned by Marvel and have plans for the character.
X-Men Panel - Magneto returns with Nation X storyline in September. Wolverine vs. Skaar (son of Hulk) in Wolverine Origins. X-Force, New Mutants, X-Men Legacy crossover will be Necrosha starting in October that somehow brings back 16 million mutants (about the number that died at Genosha during a massive Sentinal attack).
Joe Quesada Interview - from io9.com, an interview with the Marvel Editor in Chief as he discusses his role, tells the angry fan boys to "suck it up", and more.

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