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Sunday, July 26, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con Day 3

Third full day has drawn to a close; here are the links and news of note.

Iron Man 2 Footage Description - Nice description of footage shown at the con including scene between Iron Man and Nick Fury, quick glimpse of Black Widow action and Stark vs. Congress.
Smallville Season 9 Spoilers - Hints of (hopefully) final season of the show. Theme is "Clark's darkest hour", begins the Superman (red-blue blur), Clark Kent, Lois Lane triangle, Chloe steps up, explanation of why Clark can't fly, and more.
48 Hours with Olivia Munn - Five videos that show the lovely Attack of the Show host doing her thing at Comic-con. Her humor is rock solid but also neat just to see some of the behind scenes part of her show and the con in general.
Lost Panel - Description from the panel as Lost begins its final season this fall. Not details revealed but a promise that mythology and plot points would be answered. Also click here for a video of the cast talking about the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle.
Bones Interview - Brief video that talks about the Booth-Bones romance for the upcoming season.
Family Guy Panel - Clip from Empire Strikes Back episode was screened, planned plots include Brian hitting a dog while driving drunk, Peter cheating on Lois with cardboard cutout of Kathy Ireland, and Meg going to prison. Also the unaired "abortion" episode will be released in the next DVD volume.
Dollhouse Panel - Not much revealed, Echo will become more self aware and Whedonverse alumni Alexis Denisof and Summer Glau will appear in the show next season.
DCU Panel - Geoff Johns will write The Flash ongoing after Rebirth finishes and Sterling Gates will write Kid Flash. The new JLA line-up will include Mon-El (replacing Superman), Dick Grayson (replacing Bruce Wayne's Batman), Donna Troy (replacing Wonder Woman), Hal Jordan and few more not named. Ted Tornado miniseries is under discussion. Hitman will be collected in TPB form.
Marvel's Dark Reign Panel - Discussion of the various Dark Reign The List one shots but no specifics. There is a probably Green Goblin versus Spider-Man fight coming. Punisher vs. The Hood in Punisher #10.
Futurama Panel - Still no deal with the original actors. Season more or less leaves off where the "Into the Wild Green Yonder" DVD movie ended but will be a "literal rebirth for the series." Other episodes will be a future version of Twitter controlled by evil Mom, Amy and Bender get together, how Dr. Zoidberg was hired by the professor, and maybe the secret origin of Scruffy the janitor.
Pixar/Disney Panel - Opened with Toy Story 2 in 3D clip. The Pixar movies, when converted to 3D, will not include new scenes or alterations. For Disney, Beauty and the Beast is getting the 3D treatment with the use of new software to give volume and depth.
Blackest Night Panel - Discussion of DC's summer crossover series. Aquaman as a Black Lantern (BL) returns in Blackest Night 3 and BL Firestorm returns in #3. BL Terra has a chat with Beast Boy, Sinestro vs. Carol Ferris, Booster Gold vs. Ted Kord (Blue Beetle), Orange Lantern Larfleeze's name is lard + sleaze, and 40s heroes will return as Black Lanterns.
Avengers Movie Line-Up - Producer Kevin Feige discussed at least some members of the Avengers went the movie starts filming in the next year or two. The expectation is Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury, and Black Widow. Zak Penn is currently outlining the script so could grown beyond that.

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