"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Links of the Day

DC Absorbed in DC Entertainment - In an attempt to counter the recent acquisition of Marvel by Disney, Warner Bros has announced the formation of DC Entertainment with Diane Nelson as the President. DC Comics president Paul Levitz was demoted to writer and consultant position until they likely quietly show in the door in a year or so. The goal is to make WB more effective in taking advantage of DC Comics properties for movie and the like. What hasn't been asked is why is a new group even needed? Unless this will eliminate the "too many cooks in the kitchen" syndrome that has plagued WB's attempts in the past, it seems like a lot of expensive noise for nothing. Time will tell what this will have on DC Comics as the new president's claim to fame is involvement with the Harry Potter films (but not the books) likely giving her the delusion that she knows everything she needs to about the publishing business. Considering the WB's heavy handedness in the past (preventing JLU from using Batman's rogues gallery because of another cartoon series, preventing use of the Joker because of the movie, etc) out of fear that their consumer base is deeply retarded, I suspect that DC Comics is about to undergo a substantial shift in what they publish.

Choosing HDTV Size Formula - At the link is a video from the New York Times that poorly demonstrates a common sense formula for figuring out what size HDTV to buy as bigger is not always better anymore. In general its (viewing distance in inches) divided by 2. So if 5 feet away then 5 feet X 12 inches = 60 inches / 2 = 30 inch TV. Apparently the NYTimes didn't have it in the budget to visually demonstrate this with actual TVs however so maybe grab a tape measure and hit up a local Best Buys and create your demonstration to verify.

Amusing Video Making from of the Indoctrination Moms - The other day Obama game a straight forward speech that came down to stay in school, set goals and then work to achieve them. This of course has been called indoctrination by the shock jocks whose financial means is guaranteed only when their idiots are quaking in fear. The below video demonstrates just how silly they really sound. And yes this is fake and not from CNN.

GOP Boos, One Yells During Obama's Speech - Normally a speech to Congress is a solemn affair were the body shows its respect the President. The stand at attention and show their agreement with claps, ovations or bowing out of both. Yet this time the GOP decided to boo during parts and in one case South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson yelled "lie" (about the bill not covering immigrants, something they can't even prove). It wasn't even a few years ago the GOP said that respect for the position must be held and that even disagreeing with the President was treasonous. Now they seem to show nothing but contempt and all because they are no longer the ones in charge. Gee such moral consistency.

Bush Tax Cuts Cost More Than Healthcare Bill Will - As always, the GOP is the party of inconsistency. For six years they controlled the budget but instead sent it to new heights. Once they lost control, suddenly they become concerned about the budget. A new study shows what common sense should have told them which is Bush's tax cuts for the rich cost more than the Healthcare bill will. Overall, it is estimated that from 2001-2010, his cuts cost the country $2.48 billion in revenue. Most of those savings benefitting the top 5% in the country. Remember, the GOP goals are never about god and country; they are about the rich and powerful.

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