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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Links of the Day

Microsoft Courier Leaked - A prototype version of a new potential tablet from Microsoft has been leaked that takes the tablet concept and put it on booklet form. As the video at the link shows, the concept is very cool. However, it is Microsoft and while they are somewhat in the hardware business (with XBox and Zune), a full fledged computer ala Apple is not really their thing. Besides, do you remember Surface from last year? Yeah neither do I because it was another prototype product that wasn't released. Still, it does show the potential of the tablet format if a company can get the UI details worked out.

Wii Price Drop Starts Sunday - Through various retails sources, it has been determined that starting Sunday, the Wii will drop to $199.99. The price drop should be noticeable in Sunday paper advertisements and likely Nintendo's very much delayed and forced response to now more competitively prices Playstation 3 and XBox 360. It’s too early to know for sure but it’s looking like for the first time in three years, this Christmas will not go Nintendo's way.

Time Lapse BattleCat Painting - A slick video of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe's BattleCat getting painted.

Jay Leno Tanking - To no surprise to anyone that isn't collecting Social Security, The Jay Leno Show is shedding viewers at a substantial rate. The premiere episode had a huge drawing of 18 million, the next day dropped to 12 and now a week later with new season of programs competing against it, the show is now at 5.67 million. That number isn’t bad but if consider the show isn't even two weeks old that number is only going to go in one direction. I think before the dust settles the show will have around 2.5 million viewers, pretty much the ratings he had at 11:30pm. If the goal is making money with a cheap show, then NBC is satisfied. If the goal is to get out of the rut of last place the network has been in since "Must See TV" disappeared about five years ago, then this is bad news. Money talks but one profitable hour does not make for a successful network.

South Carolina's Sorry State - In a form of irony that only politics can generate, the state in the most desperate need of healthcare reform (and more) is the state whose representatives (and really its citizens) are most against any reform. In a sign of how a little hate building can cause people to choose to go against their own self interests, it turns out the really crap state needs some serious help. The state has the highest rate of teen pregnancy, low birth weight infants (indicating the mom isn't getting enough nourishment for the baby), and infant mortality in the country. It’s the fifth highest for obesity, highest for stroke death rate, and second highest for oral cancer and the third worst life expectancy. Long story short, the state’s health record is a complete embarrassment but its representatives are saying all is well because keeping corporate America happy is more important.

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