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Monday, April 06, 2009

Links of the Day

Fast & Furious Box Office - It was a very good weekend for Vin Diesel and Paul Walker whose careers probably just got a hefty boost thinks to the movies record breaking weekend of $72.5M (money Watchmen wanted but didn't get). The movie is pure popcorn and it’s pretty clear that in these dire economic times, it is exactly what the doctor ordered. The movie is the owner of the highest April opening ever, best Universal Pictures opening (beating The Lost World), best opening for the franchise, and top opening for the year (sure to be beat by Wolverine). Monsters vs. Aliens was way back in second with $33.5M, Haunting in Connecticut took 3rd ($9.6M), Knowing 4th ($8.1M), and I Love You Man was 5th ($7.9M). The other new movies, Adventureland bombed quickly with only $6M.

Install iTunes Without the Crap - Windows only solution, it helps install iTunes 8.0 without all the baggage (Quicktime, Bonjour, iTuneshelper) that Apple also tries to install that is basically crap and runs poorly.

Adam Savage Interview - Mythbusters finally returns with new episodes this Wednesday and Adam Savage answers 10 questions from fans.

Firsts Are Douchebags - An amusing write-up about commenters that drop into a post just to type "first". I loved his analogy of someone walking into McDonalds just as it opens, saying "First!", then leaving without ordering anything. In the real world that idea is silly but for some reason on the internet it’s perceived that way.

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